The sweet smell of successful diffuser packaging

The sweet smell of successful diffuser packaging

Lots of famous brands are jumping on the reed diffuser bandwagon, utilising their brand experience and widening it out to an object that sits pretty in the home. Showcasing their signature fragrance consumers are buying them in spades, showing off certain brands in any way they can. A trendy luxury (nice smelling) diffuser in a lounge is sometimes all it takes to finish off a room.

Reed diffusers are popular for many reasons; they not only smell amazing and look great too. They are the modern alternative to the good old Glade air fresheners, room sprays and are also safer alternatives to candles and oil burners that we used to use many moons ago.  

You’ll be hard pushed to find a home without one. 

B2C brands are fantastic at selling online, via stories, Instagram and Facebook shops. Adverts are quickly scrolled past with the flick of a finger if your packaging doesn’t stop someone in their tracks a glance or a few seconds may be all you have to connect with a buyer. So, make 2021 the year where you maximise your packaging game.

A diffuser makes the perfect gift for any occasion, and that’s why a lot of personal care companies sell hundreds of thousands of them. However, to have a retailer’s buy-in and to get that critical wow factor on the shelf, you need the right product packaging.

As you know, there are lots of elements to a reed diffuser, so the packaging has to be carefully considered. Firstly, the glass bottle holding the scented oil, (which you can typically see through a window in the packaging), the reeds; again these can be shown inside or sometimes fixed to the outside, then there are the un-sexy components like the mini funnel, refill scent, replacement caps and instructions—all which need a place in a very stunning, luxury looking box. 

Luxury reed diffuser packaging – Kaerlig Beauty

As you can see from the above, we have incorporated all of this into the above Kaerlig Beauty Beaded Reed Diffuser as well as adding the K into the detail. Because the luxury look and feel is carried throughout from product into the packaging that the likes of Harvey Nichols are stockists, a retailer, anyone, would be happy to supply.

To help enhance your packaging design, don’t forget the all-important print embellishments to add to luxuriousness. Like foil, die cuts, spot UV, embossing etc. which comes at a price, but something we can advise you on at the time of ordering. 

With our unrivalled packaging design and manufacturing experience, we are on hand every step of the way to help you get the attention your care product deserves. 

If you have any 2021 packaging requirements you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch on email, or simply call us on 01274 308853

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